The Irish Memorial

 (It’s definitely worth viewing the pictures below in their normal sizes…)


“’THE IRISH MEMORIAL -Leacht Cuimhneachain Na NGael’ ‘Erected to commemorate An Gorta Mor – Ireland’s Great Hunger of 1845 – 1850 when more than one million Irish were starved to death and another million forced to emigrate.  We celebrate the indefatigable spirit of the Irish that enabled them to triumph over tragedy.  With the opportunity to use their innate talents in a free country, the survivors and their descendants contributed in a great measure to the development of this nation.’  Glenna Goodacre, Sculptor 2002’”




“‘Remembrance –

The hunger ended / but it never went away / It was there in silent memories, / From one generation / to the next, //

The time to take away / the silence has come, / to commemorate, / To mourne what was lost / to celebrate what survives – / without apology or fear. //

We have it in our power / not only to remember / what took place but to relive it… / To find in the hungry and the lost, / not a different race… / but the faces of our ancestors… / an image of ourselves.

Peter Quinn’












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