Take back Gotham City-Vote Harvey Dent


I got off the bus today and heard the familiar rally cries of people encouraging the pubic to vote for a particular person running for political office.  This was no surprise to me, since Philadelphians currently find themselves in the thick of activities related to the Pennsylvania primaries (seems like every day either Obama, Hillary, or someone related to them is in town).  Then I heard: “I believe in Harvey Dent!” – “Say it again!” – “I believe in Harvey Dent!”  I thought to myself, Harvey Dent?  I know I’ve heard of him, but why is it that I can’t think of who he is?  The answer is because I was searching the relatively small political part of my brain, in which his name was not to be found.  I should instead have been looking into the (sadly, some might say) much larger part of my brain which is dedicated to movies. I found myself surrounded by this awesome marketing strategy for the Batman movie that’s coming out: “The Dark Knight”.  I knew they were going to play this game (of advertising as if it were real) on the Internet, but it was a nice surprise to see them actually go out in public.  I’m a little disappointed that the pictures I took don’t accurately convey how big the crowds were that stopped to see all of this.  It was such a nice mix of people who were either just confused or were excited for the movie.  Me? Well, I was a combination of both – confused, then excited. 




~ by amegan_finds_art_in_philly on March 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Take back Gotham City-Vote Harvey Dent”

  1. I had to comment on this as I was randomly searching around the net, and stumbled onto your blog because of the photos of the ghost cats at ESP. Needless to say I was a bit shocked when I scrolled down and saw my face on here! Awesome photographs, of everything.

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