Toy Soldiers (11/11)

Toy soldiers painted pink and randomly superglued throughout the city is a silent protest against the war. 






5 Responses to “Toy Soldiers (11/11)”

  1. god i love my home town, haha.

  2. Hey, just by coincidint i fell over your pictures of pink toysoldieres ramdomly placed all over in philly… Its pretty crazy, you know, we have a rather big army of pink toysoldiers and men to spread them in copenhagen/denmark. The idea is the same. We want to stop all wars in the world + peace and alot more… Its funny that this is happening in Philly as well. Very funny. As i see it we have got something big here… a small big revolution. can you pls give me an email or a webadress to these people if you got one, so that we can connect. And you know we would be really happy if you would link to:…

    Thx alot



  3. Nice, leaving random toy soilder around the place..

  4. thats pretty funny and true that would be cool if that happened here

  5. did u just spraypaint them or…?

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