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As you can probably tell from my website, I’ve been captivated by the art that has become a significant part of the nature and culture of Philadelphia.  I’m not referring to the art that goes on behind closed doors, like the performing arts and museums (though they certainly do contribute to the culture of this city and have a special place in my heart as well).  The art that has me head over heels is that which has become part of the face of the city over the past several years – art that you see walking down almost any street in and around the city – the art of murals.  I can’t even begin to imagine what Philadelphia would be like without them.  I can only imagine a great void (on so many levels) in their absence. 

Not only are murals fascinating pieces of beauty to be found around inconspicuous corners, but they bring so much goodness and positive changes to the city as well.  Not only in their actual existence can this goodness be found, but also (and especially) in the process of their creation.  Most of the murals you’ll see have been created by a professional with the help of young people.  These young people benefit from countless advantages to being involved in projects like these.  This is an outlet through which they are able to creatively express themselves in a way that they can be proud of.  They gain experience in working as part of a team, and in being a part of something that requires unwavering dedication.  They learn the ins and outs of mural-making, as well as common skills that can be found in almost any work environment (i.e. goal setting, time management, prioritizing, multi-tasking, patience, interaction with other people, professionalism, networking, etc…).

What’s more, these murals have an effect within the communities in which they exist.  They demonstrate an appreciation for the areas they inhabit, which can have a ripple effect of further appreciation in those who encounter them. 

Certainly, one should not forget the messages many murals send to those who look upon them.  There are endless kinds of messages that call for positive change within individuals, within communities, within humanity, and within the environment. 

Perhaps I feel lucky to be surrounded by such beauty, inspiration, and hope because of my interest in psychology and art in combination for a future career.  But I think it is much more than that.  These murals are constant reminders of the goodness in people.  Not only am I reminded of the young people who benefit so greatly from working on these murals, but I am also reminded of the leaders and professionals who have made it part of their life mission to bring such wonderful changes within others and in the city.  And I am working to follow in their footsteps. 

Never before have I witnessed such hope around every corner as I have in Philadelphia. 

I hope you enjoy the site.

Amy Egan

8 Responses to “About me”

  1. Hey, just by coincidint i fell over your pictures of pink toysoldieres ramdomly placed all over in philly… Its pretty crazy, you know, we have a rather big army of pink toysoldiers and men to spread them in copenhagen/denmark. The idea is the same. We want to stop all wars in the world + peace and alot more… Its funny that this is happening in Philly as well. Very funny. As i see it we have got something big here… a small big revolution. 🙂 can you pls give me an email or a webadress to these people if you got one, so that we can connect. And you know we would be really happy if you would link to: Myspace.com/pinkarmycopenhagen…

    Thx alot



  2. Wow! Dont know the first thing about photography? I cant tell, your pictures are beautiful. Sometimes you dont have to know anything about something to be really good at it.

  3. Wow!
    You are kind. Thank you. :O)

  4. Hi Amy, I came across your picture 2007/09/buildings-002.jpg of those buildings in the mist. I really like it, unfortunately it’s a jpg, which means very low quality. It would be great if you had the raw or tiff version.
    You took a very nice picture!


  6. Amy — if this still an active blog, could you please contact me? I’ll explain.

  7. Thanks for your fascinating entry on the red church doors. This has interested me for some time–I touch on it at my Flickr stream where I am “melystu”. Keep up the good work in Philadelphia!–MYS

  8. I got here, well, looking for something entirely different. I can’t say, “by accident,” as I do not believe in accidents (coincidence types). We are of a kindred spirit. I am a photographer by passion and see much differently than most. Seems we have a similar eye. I will return, often.


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