Eastern State Penitentiary/GHOST CATS (11/4)













8 Responses to “Eastern State Penitentiary/GHOST CATS (11/4)”

  1. I Don’t think it’s real, I think it’s fake!!
    You can put some gargoyles in a picture and say that’s a ghost!

  2. Thank you Debora. You are absolutely right – they are not real ghosts. It is an art installation titled “Ghost Cats”. You have reminded me that these pictures are in need of an explanation. So, if you are interested in what these “ghost cats” are all about, there’s now a post about them on the front page (or at this link: https://ameganfindsartinphilly.wordpress.com/2008/04/13/ghost-cats-at-eastern-state-pen/)


  3. I wonder if they move those cats around? I was there last weekend and I believe I recognize a few of the places in your photos, the cats weren’t in all the same places.

  4. my school right across the street from there and I heard a lot of things so I got instersted.

  5. Debora wrote ‘I Don’t think it’s real, I think it’s fake!!
    You can put some gargoyles in a picture and say that’s a ghost!”

    This person is evidently a fool.

  6. Deborah, Ghost Cats in AN ART EXHIBIT! It’s not supposedly the real ghosts of real cats!

    They’re slowly being removed. By the time I got there, only 19 of the original 39 cats remained. 😦

  7. Nice work. 🙂 Love shots 1, 2 & 11 !!!

  8. It is nice to hear all your comments – and yes I move the cats every year to “freshen up” the exhibit. There are only 12 cats left now. This “temporary art exhibit” is now in its sixth year!
    Linda Brenner – artist

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